Anaphylaxis – The Severe Form Of Allergy

Anaphylaxis is probably the most deadly form of allergic attacks around. It develops out of thin air and can kill within minutes. Anyone affected by this will seek emergency treatment. It can be triggered by any allergen that the individual is particularly sensitive too. This could be a food allergen, insect bite, certain material, or allergic reaction to a medicinal drug.

In this process, the immune system goes into overdrive and overreacts to the allergen. It releases excess histamines, which instantaneously cause inflammation and itchiness of skin. It could even block the windpipe and affect breathing. Rapid drops in blood pressure may also occur. Symptoms can affect all body functions, including cardiac and intestinal functioning, severely. The patient may find it difficult o speak due to inflammation of the respiratory system and mouth.

When plagued by an anaphylaxis attack, the patient should be immediately treated in an intensive care unit (ICU). The patient’s allergic history and medical records can help diagnose the trigger behind the anaphylaxis attack. He may require CPR, hospitalization, or adrenaline shots to be revived.

However, patient’s can be stabilized with adequate medical care and quick action.

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