Foods That Help Psoriasis

Changes in diet have been known to improve Psoriasis and also to make it flare up. Different foods can trigger different reactions in different people and it is a good idea to keep a food diary so that you can monitor your food intake and the symptoms that your body is displaying. Always maintain a healthy and balanced diet and if you have iron, zinc or foliate deficiencies, it may be worth adjusting your diet or considering taking vitamin supplements.


Up comes the topic of food and diet again.  “Those greasy fries definitely won’t help your psoriasis!” Whenever we discuss health, food and diet is always related. After all, what we put into our body on a daily basis is more than likely to have a pretty huge impact on what goes on inside that body of ours. Now, let’s look at psoriasis alone. Is there any magic diet, as many claim, that’ll cure your psoriasis? The answer is: NO. On the other hand, a healthy well-balanced diet has proven to improve symptoms drastically.

•    Drink up to 2 litres of water daily. Do not consume all of it at once.
•    Eat lots of green leafy vegetables.
•    Avoid Coke, red wine, oily foods, red meat, and other junk foods.
•    Consume multi-vitamin and zinc tablets
•    Don’t make any drastic changes in your diet.

Some foods that may help Psoriasis

Some Psoriasis sufferers have reported an improvement of symptoms after taking Omega3 rich foods like fish (or fish oil). 

Foods to avoid
Try to avoid excessively sugary items such as lollies, chocolate and sweets.

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