Fungal Skin Infections & Tinea

What we call “tinea” in science is basically a skin disease caused by skin infection by fungi. This could be athlete’s foot, ringworm, or even jock’s itch. Like most skin diseases, they are not life-threatening, but they can certainly be quite a bother. They can be acquired through skin contact with infected individuals or touching damp things.

Signs and Symptoms of tinea vary depending on where the tinea develops. For example :

1. Athlete’s foot

It will result in dry, cracked skin between your toes. It will be very itchy and you will feel a burning sensation there.

2. Ringworm

Contrary to what the name implies, it isn’t caused by a worm. It results in the development of a circle of itchy rough skin around a central dot. It can appear anywhere on your body.

3. Scalp Ringworm

This can cause ringworms to develop on the scalp area, and might even lead to bald patches on the head. It is common amongst children. It can result from exposure of scalp to unclean utensils at the hair salon.  

4. Jock’s Itch

This causes a burning itch in the emarrasing groin region.

Most of these are acquired through contact with a particular fungus by various means. To avoid contracting them, maintain high standards of hygiene at all times. Athlete’s foot and jock’s itch can be treated with powders from a local pharmacy, whereas the other 2 might require prescribed medicines.

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