Lice & Itching

As a parent of a child with head lice, it can be quite difficult to deal with the situation. Head louse are minute insects that hijack the host’s head (your child, in this case). It acts as a parasite and feeds on blood sucked from the host’s scalp. It can sound quite creepy, can’t it?! Unfortunately, it is common in children aged 3-12. It is more prevalent amongst girls than boys.

Lice won’t harm your child physically and cause disease, but they can spread. Furthermore, they can be very irritating and embarrassing for the child. The child’s scalp can itch and swell from consistent bites from lice. Intensive scratching can even cause skin infection.

Detecting Presence of Head Lice

Thorough examination of the patient’s head will show presence of nits (eggs of lice), adult lice and newborn lice. Bites of lice can be very itchy and tempting to scratch. The more sensitive and reactive a child’s skin is, the sooner your child will start scratching like crazy. They will feel like insects are driving around on their head! Small red bumps and dried blood spots can be found all over the scalp. A rash may also form.

Medical Treatment

A doctor will suggest use of a medicinal shampoo or cream to destroy the lice. It is worth noting that these medicines are insecticides and should be used only in the manner and quantity directed. Overuse can cause extensive damage.

Most importantly, you must understand that it can be quite difficult for a child to emotionally deal with being different from his or her peers. Constant scratching might lead to the child being outcast as “unclean” amongst his friends. As a parent, you must help him understand that having lice is NOT a result of poor cleanliness. Anyone could get it, and it’s not his/her fault!

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