Skin Conditions in Babies

Skin Conditions in Newborn Babies

It can be disappointing when your adorable newborn’s fresh and clear skin is plagued by skin rashes. You will be pleased to know that most disappear within a few weeks or months and are nothing to worry too much about.

Some of the common itchy skin conditions in babies include:

Cradle Cap

Cradle cap can be very itchy for your baby. It usually appears in the first 2 months, and disappears within a year or so. It is also known as Seborrhoeic Dermatitis. It is characterized by scales, waxy skin, and red rashes on the eyebrows, scalp, and nose sides. Too much oil triggers this, and it is similar to dandruff. A doctor will probably prescribe a mild dandruff shampoo or lotion for your newborn.

Baby Eczema

In eczema, your newborn will show an itchy rash. It is red and is usually triggered by some sort of irritant. If your family shares a history of allergies, your baby is more likely to develop eczema. It could be a mild rash or even thicken into dry, scaly skin. Appearance anywhere on the body is possible. The best bet would be to pinpoint the irritant and avoid it. Avoid harsh soaps and lotions.

Diaper Rash

The baby might develop red and irritated skin in the diaper area. This might be due to the diapers being too tight, too wet, or even from a specific type of diaper or wipe you have been using. It can be treated by leaving the diaper region exposed to air, changing diapers frequently, and using cream of zinc oxide.

Newborn Acne

Pimple breakouts when only 3 weeks old?! It could be quite shocking for parents. However, be assured, that it will most likely disappear in a few months time, not to reappear until adolescence. Such acne is triggered by hormones from the mother that stimulate increased oil production in the baby’s glands, stimulating breakouts. It mainly consists of red pimples appearing on the cheeks or forehead. There is no need for any special treatment although gently cleansing the face with water daily might help.


In this non-contagious condition, tiny bumps that may even go unnoticed appear on the newborn’s face. These are little accumulates of keratin in the glands in the baby’s skin. Up to 50% of newborns have this condition. Unlike most skin conditions, it is yellow or white in color. It usually disappears after the first 3 months. If condition persists, consult with a doctor for other skin diseases.

You must be a very happy mommy or daddy if your child is safe and not suffering from any of the above conditions. On the other hand, if your baby is developing one of these conditions, you should consult with a pediatrician immediately.

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