Take Vitamin B tablets daily!

Psoriasis and Eczema Tips / Natural Remedy or Alternate Remedies:

My Grandmother told me this works because my Grandfather suffered at times from severe psoriasis (before he died – unrelated illness) and she tried everything to help relieve his itchiness. I think he had symptoms all over his body but worst on his arms. She told me that you actually need to “O-D” (Over-dose) on Vitamin B to make it settle down. Now I am not advising any one to Over-Dose on anything but as far as I know, Vitamin B just pees straight through within a few hours if you take too much so perhaps the worst effect might be “berrocca pee” 🙂 Anyway, the Heavy Vitamin B dosage worked for me and now I just take one tablet every 2 days once it has calmed down.

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