Vitamins Might Relieve Your Itch

Vitamin Deficiencies and Itchy Skin

The problem behind your itchy skin might be insufficient vitamin intake. There are a number of vitamins that promote the hydration and healthiness of your skin. A shortage in these could trigger itchiness, dry skin and other skin conditions. Alternatively, an overdose of such vitamins might also lead to itchy skin. Discussed below are some common vitamins that could be causing you trouble.

Vitamin A

Overdosing on Vitamin A can cause skin itchiness in people with liver problems and pregnant women. It may even cause malformation in the unborn child.

Vitamin B

B-vitamins are highly important in your skin’s production of new cells and tissue, as well as your nerve conduction and sensation. A common symptom of low vitamin B levels is itchy and flaking skin. It might even cause development of psoriasis.

Vitamin C

This one, fortunately enough, doesn’t affect your skin’s health in any way. If Vitamin C deficiencies are causing you any other problems, you can always toss in a few extra oranges into your diet.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiencies are common in people who are rarely exposed to sunlight, or drink little milk and other dairy products. It is necessary for the body’s uptake and use of calcium ions in the digestive system. Low levels of Vitamin – D can trigger itchy skin and many more things, like weight loss and tiredness

Vitamin E

Vitamin E doesn’t directly affect your itch. However, increased levels of Vitamin-E intake will reduce your skin’s susceptibility to itchiness and dryness. It protects the body cells from by-products of metabolism processes that can damage your skin, called ‘free radicals’. Thus, deficiencies can cause problems.

Generally, you can combat your vitamin deficiency through supplement pills or extra consumption of the vitamin under observance. It is recommended you consult with a doctor before you start taking any supplements to avoid possible side effects.

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